Saturday, August 19, 2017

Reminded once again why I love miniature schnauzers so much ...

Today I was walking our miniature schnauzers. We were only two houses away when I stepped on some sweet gum balls on the sidewalk, lost my balance, and crashed into the pavement. I twisted my right ankle and left knee and skinned my elbow and knee badly. It hurt a LOT. The problem with getting up was, since I'd hurt both limbs, there was no "good side" to push myself up with. I'm sure all will be fine, but the reason I'm sharing is how Cupcake and Coco reacted. 

They looked startled. Cupcake started doing circles beside me trying to figure out why I couldn't get up and Coco ran toward the street. She came back immediately when I called her. Coco then lay down beside me on the sidewalk and curled up in a ball by my side while I was fighting back tears and wondering what to do next. Cupcake stood over me and guarded me. They were the sweetest little angels. 

Just then, a kind lady slowed down on Lake Shore, rolled down her window, and asked if I was ok. I said no. She asked if I needed help. Reluctantly, I said yes. So, she drove her van into the driveway beside us, got out, and helped me up and then helped all three of us into her van. Another angel!

She drove us home—all the way up to the back gate—for which I profusely thanked her. Inside, the girls snuggled up beside me on the loveseat while I iced knee and ankle, and they didn't move until my husband got home. 

I see now why once you have schnauzers, you feel you can't live without them. I have never been this loved by any other breed.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I wasn’t paying attention: I was watching the thing you had just said to me still hanging in the air between us.
Monica Youn

Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

I read four of my poems at Brickstreet last Thursday night ...

I rarely read at open mic, but this night thought I would go prepared just in case the Universe moved me. On my way out the door,  I grabbed 2 poetry books, one magazine, and printed off the fourth poem I wanted to read. It was published in Indiana Voice, an online journal owned by the guest poet. I met him for the first time and thanked him for publishing three of my poems last October.

I hadn't realized a poem for each miniature schnauzer had been published within the last year until I chose what was quickest to take to read. Since I pride myself on being fair always with my canine family members (I abhor partiality in families), it was a nice  serendipitous moment.

Early Morning Manna at Grandma’s
Published in May/June Branches Magazine

Grandma greeted the sun’s first peek through curtains
while the household slept. Her biscuits appeared
on the breakfast table as the men sat to eat.
I loved the fresh-baked aroma wafting
from her wood-burning stove.

Butter churned from fresh sweet cream, skimmed
from Grandpa’s dairy,
dripped out corners of mouths
after biting into the warm chewiness
of one, then another.

Imitating Uncle Gray, I swirled butter into molasses,
spread a dollop before each bite.
When finished, the men got up. Left. No one uttered:
Thank you. Delicious. Please excuse.
Then Grandma fixed her plate and ate …

… the only time I saw Grandma eat.
Later, she dish-toweled the biscuit platter,
refrigerated sides, milk, and meat. After supper,
the little and quite large piggies feasted
on her biscuits in their pen,

along with leftovers scraped from plates
and serving bowls—not seen again.
At home we ate a prefab rubbery version popped out
of cardboard tubes, buttered with plastic-tasting
oleo. No one begged for seconds.

© 2017 Denise C. Buschmann
       ... for Coco
Published in Paw Prints in Verse, April 2017

Coco self-advocates—quick
repeated rounds at the fence
—caked in mud up to knees,
black as Little Debbie’s.

Hattie’s a tank—
brown furry tail held
high—striking back
in short-bursts.

Noses separated by chain links
and two feet,

each firing blanks
at the other,
neither giving
eye contact nor quarter.

© 2017 Denise C. Buschmann

Breakfast Dance
Dedicated to Cupcake
Published in Words & Other Wild Things, November 2016

persnickety schnauzer
sniffs, circles, investigates

scrutinizes, procrastinates
eating her food.

she wants a treat

but first must eat

breakfast in her bowl.
© 2016 Denise C. Buschmann

Worth by Different Standards
Published in Indiana Voice, October 2016

The actress wore
her perky,
finely chiseled nose,
as an accessory—
in her profession
a necessity.

But, what if
we were who we are
without pretentions
without fear
of rejection by peers
clanging in our ears?

What if
we enlarged hearts, not breasts,
and painted others’ praises
instead of nails
weighing accomplishments
on altruistic scales?

What if we dared?

© 2016 Denise C. Buschmann

“All I ask of our brethren is, that they will take their feet from off our necks and permit us to stand upright on that ground which God destined us to occupy." Sarah Grimke's Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Woman (1838)

By Carol Welch, one of my fav poets

One Piece of Trash

I saw a piece of trash
on the ground today.
I could have walked right by
and let that litter lay.

I paused a moment, looked around, 
as people quickly passed.
Reaching down I wondered,
why do we move so fast?

Maybe folks will notice
when the litter is a heap.
I hope we soon slow down
before it gets too deep.

april 11, 2007